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I Am Legend‘s Alternate Ending

I_am_legend.JPGFor those of us who read Richard Matheson’s brilliant sci-fi/horror novel I Am Legend, Will Smith’s latest film adaptation — Hollywood’s third attempt at it — was something of a disappointment. Not the whole movie mind you, just the ending, which completely ignored Matheson’s whole idea of giving rise to a vampire-populated society and thereby turning humans into the legends that vampires once were. Instead director Francis Lawrence treated us to a scenic, idealistic Hollywood ending, which I suppose had we not read the book would have been more palatable. But since many of us did, it wasn’t.

Well an alternate ending has leaked online that, in my mind, pays at least some attention to the author’s intents. I think it’s a vast improvement, and also much creepier, even if it does still have a bit too much of a Hollywood ending. But don’t listen to me, watch for yourself.

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