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I Am Legend: The Other Ending

It’s no secret I didn’t like the recent Hollywood adaptation of Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend. Heck, it’s so much not a secret that my AMC Corporate Hive Mind Overlords actually told me that I had to stop issuing withering negative reviews of the film before it had actually been released. Call me prejudiced if you want… it’s true. I am an unapologetic super-fan of Matheson’s novel, and I think it’s a crime Hollywood would muck around with the formula to make it into a cheap, lazy 28 Days Later clone.

But most people actually liked it… even fans of the novel. But what people categorically did not like is the ending of the film, which they felt betrayed the spirit of the original novel and neutered the poignancy of the title. Yeah, it did, absolutely. But in my view, the film had lost the point about an hour and a half previous.

But another ending was shot, arguably closer to the spirit of the book’s ending (though not really), and it’s now been released to the Internet. It’s certainly a small improvement, and I’m actually perplexed that Hollywood didn’t use it: Unlike the official ending, it leaves room for a sequel starring Will Smith. Maybe they decided at the last minute they couldn’t afford him twice.

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