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More Complex Than Indy Jones, Sexier Than Han Solo


At an age when most actors are at least semi-retired, 65-year-old Harrison Ford is reprising one of his most famous roles this May, slipping on his fedora to play Indiana Jones for the fourth time. But while Indy and Han Solo are his most iconic roles, one of the the best-rounded, most nuanced characters the star’s ever played is detective John Book in Witness.  Book is a real (not super) man who’s both flawed and fascinating. No wonder his
performance marks the only time Ford earned an Oscar nod.

The Amish-hat wearing Book is arguably also his sexiest role ever. As a hard-bitten cop who ends up falling for an Amish babe (the heart-melting Kelly McGillis), Ford is the embodiment of the perfect man. He’s manly (the scene in which he beats the crap out of a group of town bullies is a total turn-on) but mushy (wooing McGillis by singing along to Sam Cooke’s “Wonderful World”); he’s fatherly (protecting McGillis’ son, a crime witness) but firm (resisting McGillis’ charms almost until the end, when she bares her breasts). Even in Amish garb raising a barn, Ford smolders.

Witness plays Monday, March 17 at 7PM | 6C on AMC. For a complete schedule of the movie, click here.  

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