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For Better or Worse, Southland Tales Is Now on DVD

MCDSOTA_EC013_H.JPGRichard Kelly’s sophmore effort Southland Tales crash landed itself onto DVD today. The film has a storied history of production problems and its much delayed theatrical release was met with confusion and disappointment. Even the handful of critics that liked the film admitted it was “messy” and “tedious” at times. Still, during it’s most self-indulgent, lyrical tangents Southland Tales is compelling and hypnotic.

I just saw the DVD and I’m still trying to make sense of it. Eric (the Sci Fi Department’s Video editor) said, “I’m glad to live in a world where a movie like that can get made.” Amen to that, brother! It’s a testament to the weirdness of American cinema, and that makes me proud to be a Weird American!

After the jump, the Sci Fi Department video show’s take on the movie, before we actually saw the film….

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