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This Week on DVD: The Billy Wilder Collection, Into the Wild and 12 Angry Men


This week’s DVD offerings abound with highs and lows. From the timeless offerings of Wilder and Lumet, to the why-Dustin-Hoffman-why Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium , here’s our roundup:

• The classic ’60s workplace drama-comedy-romance The Apartment is being released in a new special edition as part of The Billy Wilder Collection. The Wilder film was a point-of-reference, revealed director Andrew Bernstein in a recent interview in our Mad Men blog. Other films in the set are two of Wilder’s lesser known, but equally definitive films: The Fortune Cookie and Kiss Me, Stupid .

• For more contemporary fare, there’s the medical thriller Awake, Oscar-nominated Into the Wild, and the above mentioned kiddie flick, Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium (the last of which received a rare F from Entertainment Weekly).

• Consider the 50th anniversary edition of 12 Angry Men ,
the quintessential courtroom drama starring Henry Fonda. Shot in 1957
in just 20 days, the film was a box office disappointment upon its
release but went on to receive a Best Picture Oscar nomination. The
accolades have since accumulated: Last year it was added to National
Film Registry.

• Also of note this week is a second volume of pre-code films put out by TCM and Warners, including The Divorcee (featuring Robert Montgomery as an irrepressibly charming cad) and Night Nurse
(starring Barbara Stanwyck and featuring Clark Gable as a murderous
chauffeur.) The collection also includes a particularly hard-boiled and
fast-paced drama of female friendship: Three on a Match , featuring a very young Bette Davis and the always plucky Joan Blondell.

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