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Our Highly-strung Americans DVD Roundup: And Justice for All, No Country for Old Men


• Al Pacino stars in Scarface .

• Another classic crazy, Gene Tierney, is being highlighted in a featurette accompanying the DVD release of Black Widow , one of the first (and only) noirs released in Cinemascope. Also being released by Fox Noir (although mysteriously so, since it’s not a noir in the slightest) is Otto Preminger’s strange love triangle Daisy Kenyon starring Dana Andrews, Henry Fonda and Joan Crawford. Fonda’s Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is his major characteristic and also part of his loose cannon charm.

• The modern sci-fi classic Gattaca (which has also found its way into many an academic syllabus) is being released this week by Sony in a new version with many additional special
features. The film stars Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke and features a
notable performance by Gore Vidal, but the real star is the set: the
classic sixties utopian Civic Center building in Marin County designed
by Frank Lloyd Wright.

• And finally, there’s future classic No Country
for Old Men. The casting of this bloody, vengeful
western was impeccable; every performance — from the surprisingly
soulful Josh Brolin to the minor walk-on characters — was nerve-wrackingly spot on.

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