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DIY Lightsaber Kit for Industrious Young Jedi

Back in the early 20th Century, there were entire constabularies of sword swallowers roaming the countryside. With wide esophaguses and long torsos, these circus performers would delight their crowds by swallowing glow-in-the-dark sabers… sometimes coated with everyone’s favorite fluorescent material, liquid radium, so onlookers got an X-Ray view as it darkly slid its way down their throats.

I’ve always been fascinated by these guys. I still think, if this
whole blogging jazz doesn’t pan out (and how could it?), I might try to
bring this act back in vogue… updated for our times, of course. In
that case, I will become the 21st Century’s first Lightsaber Swallower,
which should — at least — get me promoted on Digg.

Of course, first thing I’ll need is a lightsaber, and over at Think
Geek, they are offering a DIY kit. Unfortunately, it seems to be a DIY
plastic lightsaber… not exactly the metal-melting laser sword of my
schtick. Oh well. I guess I can always coat it in radium.

DIY Lightsaber Kit [Think Geek]

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