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Daily Scan for 03.15.08


• Joss Whedon’s next soon-to-be-almost-immediately-canceled Fox Sci-Fi series, Dollhouse, will start production in April.

• And hey, want to read some pages of the Dollhouse script? io9 has you covered.

• Terry Pratchett is giving a lot of money to charities to try and cure the disease that’s killing him.

• Mental Floss lists six objects that look like the Death Star. Aren’t you edified?

The Rocketeer‘s artist is dead, and Forbidden Planet lists all of the various Dave Stevens tributes.

• An interview with fifth Doctor Peter Davison about his ongoing audio Doctor Who adventures.

• Wave after wave of Dentmobiles will descend upon America’s metropolises to promote The Dark Knight.

• Robo-Marcellus Wallace acts out Pulp Fiction. He also looks surprisingly like Mr. Destructoid.

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