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Daily Scan: 03.24.08 — Annoying Sci-Fi Kids, Star Wars Teddy Bears and Speed Racer Posters

20070527vaderbearsm-vi.jpgThe Seven Most Annoying Sci-Fi Kids Who Should Have Their Faces Melted Off by a Laser. Or, anyway, the seven most annoying sci-fi kids.

• The Incredible Hulk fathers a sprog. Naturally, he’s radioactive, murderous and has daddy issues.

• Two of the most annoying men in their respective fields discuss one of the most insane crackpots of the twentieth century.

• Four new Speed Racer posters are mach go go go.

• The much hyped Battlestar Galactica Letterman Top 10 List was a wooden, stilted embarrassment.

• More sci-fi props and costumes up for auction than you can shake a money stick at.

• Awww… this Star Wars teddy bear is absolutely adorable.

• io9 covers the battle of the genitals in science horror movies, whatever those are.

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