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Daily Scan: 03.07.07


• Well, turns out that Robert Carlyle won’t be the next Doctor Who… or, at least, it’s the first he’s heard of it. Boy, these rumors evaporate with the wind, don’t they?

• Shia LaBeouf is still wanted for Yorick, the Last Man. Ugh.

• Is the Lost time travel realistic? I say no. An “expert” says yes.

Four Things to Expect From The Clone Wars.

• The List Universe lists (what else) ten dystopian films you haven’t seen. They seem pretty cocksure about my viewing, which is regrettable, because I’ve seen almost all of them. Who hasn’t seen A Boy And His Dog.

• io9 points out the Blade Runner jazz connection. Huh.

• If you can make a sci-fi film in two days, Sci-Fi London wants to hear from you.

• Neither Lex Luthor nor Lana Lang will be returning to Smallville.

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