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Daily Scan: 03.05.08


• Apparently, Mulder Avenue meets Scully Way up in Canada. Who knew?

• Michael Chabon writes a wonderful essay for the New Yorker subtitled “An essay in (superhero) unitard theory.”

• The trailer for the new Appleseed Ex Machina CGI is out.

• Jim Henson’s alien fantasy epic The Dark Crystal is coming to iTunes in the resolution of a postage stamp.

• “Doctor Who’s time-travelling Tardis
hides a secret that may disillusion his legion of fans: It is
transported not by the intergalactic power of dilithium crystals but
like an Ikea wardrobe, flat-packed on the back of a lorry.”

• Yet another Death Star hotel.

• A serene LEGO nuclear apocalypse.

• io9 follows the Cthulhoid and Eldritch on the trail of grotesque gods from space.

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