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Daily Scan: 03.04.08

AmericanGods-Hard.jpg• Gene Roddenberry speaks to us from beyond the grave.

• Neil Gaiman’s American Gods is available to read online all this month for free.

• How famous is Warren Ellis? He can write a story about The Hulk fighting Iron Man on Venus on the back of a bar napkin and collect a paycheck ten times the size of his peers.

• Optmus Prime jactitates his way through 50 years of American dance. He does the Robot quite well, predictably.

• Ballardian runs the 1st Annual J.G. Ballard Festival of Home Movies. Meta.

• io9’s resident androgyne looks at The Best Sci-Fi Songs predictably featuring another gorgeous androgyne: David Bowie!

• Steampunk DIY guru extraordinaire Jake Von Slatt put together the world’s very first Steampunk Mac Mini. Gorgeous.

• MSNBC goes for digg-bait with 11 great prehistoric flicks. When are Diggers going to get sick of this crap?

Should there ever be a fourth Matrix movie? No.

• Look upon this, ye mighty, and despair: the K-3P0 Papercraft!

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