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Daily Scan: 03.03.08

200px-TheDispossed(1stEdHardcover).jpg• A 16-year-old boy with a Received Pronunciation British accent to voice Astro Boy? I guess it makes no more or less sense than a Japanese robot saying “Dude.”

• io9 lists twenty sci-fi novels that will change your life without bothering to explain why. That’s okay, it’s still a pretty good list.

• Good lord. A Halo 3 fan had his cherished work of sci-fi art sponged away by the clods in Microsoft tech support.

• Arthur C. Clarke talks sea monsters.

• Headline of the day: “Casting Director Fired After Seeking Actors With ‘That Inbreeding’ Look.” Too bad I don’t act.

• The new Chekov talks to Leonard Maltin about the old Chekov.

• Inside George Lucas’ Star Wars Xanadu.

• Two sexy, possibly Cylon blondes take to Harleys.

• A fantastic, in-depth interview with Star Trek‘s most fabulous and erudite basso voce homosexual, Mr. George Takei.

• I might be mistaken, but it appears that JP over at SF Signal has overstimulated his central nervous system with the latest episode of Lost.

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