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Best of Monsterfest: Week of Mar. 03

1. Horror novelist and Monsterfest columnist Scott Sigler gives Halloween‘s Michael Myers a makeover — because that bloody, white-faced serial killer look was so last season.

2. Buffy fans shout “I knew it!” in unison this week as the latest comic book issue catches our favorite vampire slayer in the embrace of another woman.

3. Director Douglas Buck tells Monsterfest about remaking Brian de Palma’s 1973 shocker, Sisters.

4. Evidently dissatisfied with the number of Academy nods Transformers received, Michael Bay’s company Platinum Dunes is looking to remake the Oscar-winning horror Rosemary’s Baby.

5. Mad Men‘s Elizabeth Moss will know Fear Itself when she stars in this summer’s 13-episode series on NBC.

Monsterfest Talk Forum: The talk forum is making movie recommendations! Microwaved recommends 30 Days of Night,
which he says did “a great job at capturing the essence of the comic
book and the art direction was perfect. Oh and the ending was
absolutely great.” He also recommended Count Dracula, which
he said was “Surprisingly good and well acted. Of course the pacing
will be way off for anyone who doesn’t enjoy classic films, but I
highly recommend this one.” Other Monsterfesters are still debating the
best movie beast. Sweepster49 says, “We need more monsters trampling cities to smitherines! Of course, a giant ant ( tex
argued, “Always liked the big ape better. They gave him more of a
personality, human like emotions. Made you feel sorry for him. The
underdog factor.”

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