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Best of Monsterfest: Week of Mar. 24

1. Horror novelist Scott Sigler fulfills his fantasy of playing with dolls as he counts down horror’s deadliest marionettes.

2. Laurie Holden, star of Stephen King’s The Mist, fesses up to a fear of sociopaths and the dark. Fortunately, the chances of those two coinciding are almost… Oh wait!

3. Monsterfest blogger Stacie Ponder explains how the Horror-and-3D combo is not just a gimmick. It’s a lifestyle.

4. Rob Zombie is going Jurassic with his next film, Tyrannosaurus Rex. Some predict a film about dinosaurs; others predict the title refers to a wrestler.

5. Benicio del Toro is getting spooky-scary with Wolfman makeup, as Empire magazine revealed the upcoming remake will not feature any CGI.

Monsterfest Talk Forum: The forum is talking about our favorite horror villains — which psycho or sicko is your favorite? Microwaved offered Pinhead from Log on to the Talk forum to join in this conversation, or start a Monsterfest topic of your own.

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