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Auto Focus: Cheryl Hines Not Only Loves Psycho, She Re-enacts It

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She may play the ever-dutiful wife of to the most socially inept human being on HBO, but Cheryl Hines’ enthusiasm these days is anything but curbed. Perhaps that’s because in recent years the actress has broken out as one of Hollywood’s newest leading ladies. Aside from her work with Seinfeld genius Larry David, Hines has paired with Robin Williams in RV and Keri Russell in the wonderfully sassy Waitress. From the looks of things, the perpetually gleeful actress is just getting warmed up. Recently, she spoke with Shootout about her three personal career favorites in film…

Hines’ Favorite Hines Pictures

The Grand
Serious Moonlight

If you don’t recognize the last pick, don’t worry. Serious Moonlight is her feature directorial debut and is currently in post-production . Written by the late Adrienne Shelly (who wrote, directed and starred in Waitress), the film stars Meg Ryan, Timothy Hutton, and Veronica Mars‘ Kristen Bell. “I’m very proud of the project,” says Hines, “and I couldn’t be happier with the way the film turned out.” Of her work with Shelly on Waitress Hines says, “She was really fun and easy to work with and made a great movie. This was the last film she made, so I treasure the time I had with her.” The Grand, an improv comedy about a poker tournament scheduled for limited release this month, she favors for different reasons: “We shot in Vegas and played poker until five in the morning every day,” she recalls. “Lots of hilarious people. Lots of betting.”

Not all of Hines’ recollections are so fond — in fact, some are downright horrifying. While she was attending the University of Central Florida, the young actress got a job at Universal Studios (the theme park in Orlando) where she played the shower victim in the Psycho Soundstage attraction. Despite reenacting the gruesome (and somewhat revealing) death over and over for tourists, Hines maintains that Psycho is her favorite Hitchcock: “It was so perfectly creepy,” she said. “Even the title rocks.”

What’s your favorite Hitchcock suspense?


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