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Another Small, But Hilarious, Strike by the Anti-Weinstein Crusade

People who boycott movies are rarely funny: The Catholic Church badmouthed Priest. Lesbians picketed Basic Instinct. Italian-Americans protested Mafia! Today’s special-interest groups might have better luck charming the public with goofy websites and even goofier videos. Case in point: The Star Wars fans/Fanboys activists are crusading against Harvey Weinstein with their funny websites. The latest installment provides a recap (told in the style of a Star Wars prologue) and it features a dramatization of Darth Weinstein himself. The video also urges fans to boycott The Weinstein Company’s Superhero Movie! (as if you needed a reason) and invites you to join their growing protests in theaters this Friday.

If you attend a protest, please send us your photos/videos.

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