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A Lyricist, a Dancer and a Kiddie Lit Author Pick Favorite Flicks

Whether you’re dancing with a martini shaker, writing etiquette books about otters or penning award-winning songs, chances are you have interesting taste in films. Here are three bonus interviews from our regular 3×3 feature. See what genre-hopping emerges when worlds collide.

Lynn Ahrens2.JPG

Name: Lynn Ahrens

Profession: Lyricist, librettist

Oscar Nominations: Best Original Song and Best Music for Anastasia

Other Awards Won: Tony, Emmy, Drama Desk, Olivier

Upcoming Gig: Schoolhouse Rock Returns!

Three Favorite Oscar-nominated Pictures That Didn’t Win

1. Beauty and the Beast: “You suspend disbelief and float blissfully off into a world of imagination, whimsy and delight, without an ounce of cynicism. A perfect meeting of story, song and animation; it’s what made me want to try and write a movie musical.”

2. The Remains of the Day: “Its quiet magnificence lies in the way it portrays two repressed souls, yearning toward one another and never quite managing to connect — a heartbreaking tone poem of suppressed love and lost opportunities, set against a political backdrop.”

3. Little Miss Sunshine: “Because it makes me laugh out loud. Because I care so much about these characters. And because it’s such a sublime family portrait of love in the midst of dysfunction. We should all be so lucky.”


Name: World Famous *BOB*

Signature Song: Night Train

Signature Prop: The martini shaker

Top Three Burlesque Movies

1, Lady of Burlesque:
“Based on the G-String Murders by Miss Gypsy Rose Lee — it
shows that burlesque stars have more sides than just their back sides!”

2. Some Like It Hot: “The definition of burlesque is ribald comedy, dancing, & striptease- this movie has got it all!”

3. The Velvet Hammer Burlesque: “I love movies that I’m in!”


Name: Laurie Keller, author of Do Unto Otters

Read as a Kid: “I loved reading funny books like Amelia Bedelia, Homer Price, anything by Beverly Cleary (especially Ribsy) and my all-time favorite, My Father’s Dragon by Ruth Stiles-Gannett.”

Top Three Movies for Kids

1. The Black Stallion: “Breathtakingly beautiful, great buildup to an exciting ending, all-around feel-good movie.”

2. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory: “Pure fun, quirky and edgy yet wonderfully sweet (in every sense of the word!).”

3. Wallace and Gromit: “Charming characters, subtle but oh-so-funny writing.”

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