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7 Minutes of ’70s Sci-Fi Toy Commercials

They don’t make toys like they used to. There was a time when a toy robot was a toy robot, a toy spaceship was a toy spaceship. Since they were made of steel, they were heavy in the hand, perfect to crush the skull of an annoying younger sibling. They tasted delicious, because they were painted with lead. And the spring-loaded missiles were actually capable of trephining a skull.

Ah, yes, the delightful halcyon ’70s, when a toy was a tangible, solidly crafted object, and not a cheap piece of plastic. It’s Friday afternoon, and let’s admit it, the weekend can’t get here soon enough. So I invite you to sit back and relive the memories of those Saturday Mornings spent lying on your belly in front of the television, basking in the throes of sci-fi consumerist lust. Have a great weekend.

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