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Your Classics Awards: Femmes Fatales


To paraphrase Shakespeare, the evil that women do live after them, if only on screen.

These duplicitous damsels plot against one another, and against the men foolish enough to adore them. They are as dangerous to pet rabbits and puppies as they are to husbands and lovers. They can dazzle with beauty or disarm with charm, but make no mistake, they have an ulterior motive — and it isn’t pretty.

They are the femmes fatales.

They may be armed with an ice pick, or just cold calculation. Sometimes greed motivates them, as they scheme to snag a big insurance payoff or a hefty inheritance. Sometimes they’re after what money can’t buy: A life of cozy domesticity. To take them into your home or into your heart is to invite disaster. But how can you resist? Tell us which you find the most seductive.


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