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X-Files 2 Teaser Screened for WonderCon

WonderCon was this weekend, and as is the nature at such events, there were many panel discussions, many trailers of upcoming projects screened and many wobbly cellphone videos of said trailers filmed by the quivering hands of screeching fan girls. The X-Files 2 panel was no exception, and courtesy of one of those vibrating fans, this first glimpse at this summer’s X-Files 2.

It’s definitely a teaser. The clip starts out with Billy Connelly in mad scientist mode directing a constabulary of FBI agents to trace out the circumference of a UFO submersed under the ice, while Amanda Peet helpfully cries out, “Give him room!”

This scene will seem very familiar, as well it should: It’s a direct rip from The Thing.
From there, a few brief flashes of Mulder and Scully’s faces, which are
reacted to by the audience with a cacophony of breathless ululation.

It all looks fine, as far as it goes, but I’m still a bit unsure why we’re seeing a revival of the X-Files after so long… and for what looks to be a film of the same scope as one of the series’ two parters.

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