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Who Loves Horror? Ghost Hunters Do

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If spooky sounds are coming from your TV and it’s not turned on, these ghost hunters can help. Brandi Dickerson and Gretchen Gauldin (pictured here) are members of Paranormal Investigations of Northern Kentucky (PINKY) and they’ve been ghostbusting since March 2007.

The group’s current case involves several employees who claim to have seen a full-body apparition hanging around the office. The witnesses have an obituary of a man that committed suicide at that location and say he’s their ghost. PINKY members don’t claim to be experts but they take cases seriously and try to be as scientific as possible. Gretchen, the group’s founder, describes the work as “addictive” and says, “It’s like going on a thrill ride.”

When it comes to getting that kind of thrill from watching a scary movie, the group has MTV to thank: “As children of the 80’s we agree that our first exposure to scary cinema was actually Michael Jackson’s video Thriller. That was the beginning of our love of horror films.”  After much deliberation and arguing about which film deserved to be number one, PINKY decided on their top 10 list of fright flicks.

10. Sleepaway Camp
9. Children of the Corn
8. The Exorcist
7. The Ring
6. Psycho
5. A Nightmare on Elm Street
4. Pet Sematary
3. Poltergeist
2. It
1. The Shining

“Our reason for choosing The Shining
as our number one is that not only is it a classic, it combines ghosts,
insanity and murder, which is what all horror films should
entail…everyone remembers the ‘Heeeerrre’s Johnny’ scene. And the
ghosts of those two little girls were way creepy.”

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