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Who Came Before Scotty on the USS Enterprise?

Every Trekkie knows that the first captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise was not James T. Kirk, nor even Christopher Pike (who eventually became a beeping albino corpse in a cybertronic wheelchair), but Robert April, who commanded the NCC-1701 on its first five-year mission from 2245-2250. That leaves a 20 year window open for the position of Chief Engineer.

Needless to say, then, the first engineer of the Enterprise wasn’t everyone’s favorite Starfleet drunkard, the magnificent Montgomery Scott. But who was that Engineer? Canon doesn’t say, but if J.J. Abrams has his way in Star Trek XI, it is going to be Chief Engineer Olsen, the immediate predecessor to Scotty under Christopher Pike.

Olsen is scheduled to be played by Greg Ellis, who previously appeared in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
as a Cardassian. But Ellis’ role drops some intriguing hints about
Scotty in the next film. Rumor has it that Scotty spends a good chunk
of the movie as a civilian, and is only promoted to his role as Chief
Engineer under Kirk at somewhere around the halfway point.

Even more baffling? Apparently, Scotty has a midget sidekick for most of the film. Well, I guess a midget could be useful for loosening stuck photon torpedos from their tubes.

Greg Ellis Joins Star Trek Cast [Trekmovie]

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