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To the Polls: The Oscars


If our Long Live Awards poll is any indicator, the playing field for the Academy Awards isn’t as level as anyone thought — and the Coen brothers better start writing their speeches. The front-runners are way out in front. Does this mean that on Sunday we’ll be treated to a rare evening of unanimous approval? Or to one blistering upset after another?

While Cate Blanchett has a head start on Best Supporting Actress, Amy Ryan and Ruby Dee are closing in fast, suggesting that brilliant stunt casting is no substitute for solid, diamond-in-the-rough performances. Otherwise, the results are unequivocal…

The Coens’ No Country For Old Men
has raked in more than half of all possible votes in every category
it’s vying for, with even Javier Bardem breaking off a piece of that
for his supporting role. (His co-star Tommy Lee Jones had the
misfortune of being nominated for a less popular movie, In the Valley of Elah.)

Juno fans have turned out in staggering numbers to support
both its heroine and its screenwriter bestowing each over half the
votes. And despite worries about the picture’s accessibility (as well as a
murderer’s row of nominees to choose from), audiences seem
overwhelmingly ready to bestow Best Actor honors to Daniel Day-Lewis forThere Will Be Blood.
Are you on the bandwagon, or holding out for a long shot? We’ll be
keeping an eye on the votes as they stream in so we can share in your
glory — or defeat — on Monday morning.

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