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A Bottle of Wine, Lloyd Dobbler, and You


A lot of people hate Valentine’s Day. Chefs grumble about oyster and chocolate tasting menus; couples resent the pressure to prove their love on one random night; singles curse every red rose in sight. It seems like the only hopeless romantics on Valentine’s Day are the very young, optimistic, and earnest. But if you’re feeling like a hater this season, get over it and get in tune with your inner Lloyd Dobbler from Say Anything.

Say Anything is part of AMC’s Valentine’s Day marathon, and takes its rightful place next to An Affair to Remember, perhaps the ultimate on-screen romance, and newer comedies like Hope Floats and Father of the Bride. Released in 1989, the John Cusack vehicle is a teen movie geared to adults. It’s got the sweetness of a John Hughes flick without the saccharine; the hipness of Heathers or Pump Up the Volume without a trace of the smirking irony. There’s an emotional realism to the relationship between Cusack’s Lloyd Dobbler and Ione Skye’s Diane Court that simply doesn’t exist in many romantic comedies nowadays. Diane is pretty and smart. Lloyd is completely unselfconscious in his adoration of her, even though on paper he’s kind of a dud.

The magic that the two generate has to do with their willingness to
take a chance on each other. That wide-eyed optimism that you’d cringe to recognize
in yourself is nothing but charming when worn on Cusack’s sleeve.

Say Anything plays today Thursday, February 14 at 11AM | 10C. Click here for the complete Valentine’s Day schedule.

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