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Greek Tragedy Narrowly Averted in Troy


Along with the swords and sandals of Greek epic adventure, we can usually count on a pantheon of gods and goddesses moodily steering things from the heavens. However, in 2004’s Troy, director Wolfgang Peterson notoriously ditched the gods from the storyline, claiming they were silly and unnecessary to the plot. Troy was to be a movie solely about a war and its warriors, so how might one squeeze in personifications of Aphrodite and “white-armed Hera” without it seeming awfully contrived?

Unfortunately such hubris is exactly the sort of thing that the gods loved to punish in Greek myths, and Troy certainly bore its share of mysterious disasters. Filming in Morocco had to be disbanded because of its proximity to a real war– the impending war in Iraq. Peterson’s team, forced to resume filming in Mexico, wound up feeling the wrath of not one but two hurricanes, one of which demolished much of the set and damaged Brad Pitt’s house. And Pitt himself did not escape the deliciously ironic wrath of the gods. After spending months getting into Greek-statuesque shape for the part of killing machine Achilles, he was laid low by an accident: while filming a battle scene, he tore his left Achilles tendon. But let it never be said that Wolfgang Peterson didn’t make an effort to atone for the offense of his creative decision. He reminded the world of the mercurial and awesome power of at least one god in his very next film, the disaster adventure flick Poseidon.

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