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The Spider-Man 3 That Should Have Been

It’s the Superman 3 and 4 problem all over again:
sequels so execrable that the only way to continue the franchise is to
deftly ignore their existence, a la Superman Returns.

But Jay Garmon has a better idea: re-make Spider-Man 3 and ditch that whole Sandman subplot, and make Harry Osbourne the progenitor of the Venom symbiote.

Thus, Harry uses the last of his fortune to perfect
Project: Venom, a symbiotic lifeform that feeds off emotion, regulating
the psychotic tendencies the Goblin Gas induces, and converts that
emotion into additional strength, speed, etc. With the combined
Goblin/Venom powers, Harry should be able to defeat Pete easily. This
also explains why the “new” Goblin is black and not green — the
symbiote suit. It also avoids the pointless and stupid extraterrestrial
origin of the symbiote, and makes it much more relevant to the
Harry/Pete rivalry.

It’s easy for fans to ‘what if’ a terrible film, but Jay’s alternate Spider-Man 3 hits all the right buttons between fan service and cinematic necessity. Let’s see him hired to write the Lizard into Spider-Man 4.

What Should Have Happened (But Didn’t) in Spider-Man 3 [Geekend]

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