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The Scanner’s Top Five: Week of 02.25

1. Fanboys fanboys launched a STOP DARTH WEINSTEN campaign in an effort to stem the mega-producer’s highly unpopular changes to the much-anticipated Star Wars-themed film.

2. J.J. Abrams talked to Reelz Channel about Star Trek, a Cloverfield sequel, and the possibility of adapting Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, and yet insisted he doesn’t get to do everything he wants. Right…

3. The trailer for Starship Troopers 3: Marauder hit the Net like an Arachnid with a taste for flesh, and it looks exactly how one might expect a straight-to-DVD threequel of Starship Troopers to look.

4. Empire Online caught a picture of Edward Norton mid-Hulk, and may we say he looks Bannerific!

5. The second Iron Man trailer has been released, revealing Gwyneth Paltrow’s and Jeff Bridges’ characters in greater detail and transforming public excitement from frenzy to all-out mania.

SciFi Dept. Video: Kevin Maher traces the path Oscar-winners take from the golden statue to B-movie schlock. You’ll never look at Joan Crawford or Orson Welles the same way again.

SciFi Scanner Talk Forum: A defense of SciFi remakes rang out strongly this week on the Talk forum. Redeemerxx said,
“Remakes are fine in my opinion, if and only if, there is something new
that can be done with them and it is worthwhile… classics, like The Time Machine, The Day The Earth Stood Still, King Kong
etc. were worth remaking because the stories were old and it was good
for the next generation. Things that shouldn’t be remade are movies
that are barely 25 years old… how many times can we see Freddy
Krueger or Michael Myers?” Redjack47
echoed those sentiments, elaborating on how remakes can be worthwhile:
“What is a remake? Just someone else’s different view of the same
image? I think not! Consider when one gazes into a mirror. You see a
reflection, a reverse copy, not an identical representation. The Day The Earth Stood Still
is a classic, but so are many other films. To remake this film would
only pay homage to it’s memory. Klatu and Gort would not reduce our
planet to a burnt-out cinder if The Day The Earth Stood Still was
re-filmed.” Meanwhile, the forum is wondering why Science Fiction
doesn’t try to predict our future any more — is it that advances are
so exponential that looking deeply into the future becomes impossible,
or is it that we don’t want to embarrass ourselves if that future
should not come to pass? Log onto the Talk forum and join in any of these conversations, or start a SciFi topic of your own!

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