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The Scanner’s Top Five: The Week of 02.18

1. Christopher Lloyd’s Doc Brown is returning in his time-traveling DeLorean for Hip-hop artist O’Neal McKnight’s upcoming Back to the Future-themed music video.

2. The Internets leaked test footage for the upcoming Spike Jonze adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are. And to everyone’s relief, it’s as creepy as we all thought it would be.

3. NBC, apparently dissatisfied with its near-total failure to reimagine classic television shows, has thrown in the towel and is now playing original episodes of classic series online.

4. Cloverfield‘s monster designer spoke to io9 about the beastie’s aquatic origins and stated quite definitively that the monster is not, in fact, Godzilla. Well, there goes my theory.

5. When the Enterprise’s warp engines invariably break down at some crucial moment in next year’s Star Trek, it won’t be Scotty carping, “I jus’ can’ doit Capn’,” but rather Pirates of the Caribbean‘s Greg Ellis, who will play the part of Chief Engineer Olsen.

SciFi Dept. Video: SciFi Department Head Kevin Maher chews the fat with Diary of the Dead director George A. Romero over the past, present, and future of zombie evolution.

SciFi Scanner Talk Forum: The Talk forum continued its debate about SciFi remakes. TannerBoyle opined, “I am still amazed that people have not learned a lesson about remakes. I can count on one hand the remakes that actually worked. I had always said that the one film they probably wouldn’t touch would be Star Wars but I also said the same thing about Psycho, so who knows. armouredrat offered, “The only thing I have against remakes is that sometimes they take up all the space for other films and other ideas of some original people.” Meanwhile, the forum was speculating whether superheroes would use their powers for good in the real world, or if they’d use them selfishly. Microwaved seemed to think the latter more likely: “If Superman were here he would not be the savior of the planet like he’s made out to be. He would totally be pimping it with the ladies and getting free crap, a la our current celebrity-loving world. Spider-man too.” Log onto the SciFi Scanner’s Talk forum to join in any of these conversations, or start a conversation of your own!

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