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The Scanner’s Top Five: Week of 2/4

1.Topless Robot examined 10 Star Wars toys and the present-day celebrities they resemble. An excerpt: “The sculptor tried to give Harrison Ford a little more schnozz but overshot, landing squarely in Zach Braff territory.”

2. Arrested Development star Will Arnett was caught cheating on KITT with a GM, and was promptly dumped from the upcoming Knight Rider series by the broken-hearted Ford.

3. He was our favorite redshirt in Sam Rockwell will star as a spacey Robinson Crusoe in the upcoming film Moon.

4. SciFi stalwart Barry Morse has hung up his spacesuit. The 89 year-old star of the British series Space: 1999 passed away this week.

5. Couldn’t get enough of Topher Grace as the whiny Eddie Brock-cum-Venom in the latest Spider-Man sequel? Well then good news, because The Scanner learned this week of a planned Venom spinoff.

SciFi Dept Video: Kevin Maher discovers he’s not the biggest geek in the room when he discusses upcoming Hollywood superhero adaptations with two comic book connoisseurs.

SciFi Talk Forum: Anticipating the upcoming remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still, SciFi fans are discussing what makes a remake work. Is it that, as sweepster49 suggests, a remake must “follow the story line and essence of the original,” or is zthea right in asserting that a redone classic is “a bunch of melarkey.” Let us know, and enter for a chance to win a DVD of the original The Day the Earth Stood Still. You’re also discussing the differences between Star Wars and Star Trek, and pondering your favorite superpower. Log on to the Talk forum and join in one of these conversations, or start one of your own!

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