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The New Crowned Princes of Horror Write Hellraiser Remake


Some websites are calling them the newest royalty in horror: Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton. Says Shock Till You Drop, the writerly duo has “recently signed a deal with The Weinstein Company to pen the upcoming remake of Hellraiser .” Their entry into the world of fright flicks was actually through the back door so to speak as the twosome’s Feast only proved a bona fide hit after it had been released on DVD. Multi-million dollar enterprises like Saw IV and Saw V have now made them into legitimate stars. And that’s not all.

Melton is also writing Midnight Man, which Dunstan is directing. Finally, the pair is doing the writing on the Saw video game. They really have to kick it up a notch for Hellraiser, however. The original will be hard to top since it was written by Clive Barker himself.

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