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The Han Solo Carbonite Desk

We all have our own strange ideas about home furnishing. You, for example, may own this couch and plan the seating arrangement of cocktail parties so that two equally overweight guests will always be sitting on diametrically opposing arms, preventing the possibly fatal catapulting of an ectomorph. I, on the other hand, furnished my living room with a decadent chaise longue made entirely out of empty beer cans. Needless to say, if we were roommates, determining the decor would end in a maelstrom of incredible physical violence. But I think, even in that strange Odd Couple style pairing of snob meets slob, we could put our differences aside and agree that we both wanted a Han Solo Carbonite desk to be the central focus of our office.

This desk, designed by Tom Spina Designs for an obviously Star Wars
mad client, depicts a simulacrum of Harrison Ford struggling against
the suffocating, sub-zero quicksilver beneath it’s chic glass surface.
The legs are made to aesthetically match Death Star Decor. It’s
fantastic. The only place where the concept sort of falls apart is that
Han Solo appears to be less than one inch thick at the waist. And how’s
Jabba the Hutt supposed to slither his way behind a desk this small

Han Carbonite Furniture [The RPF]

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