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Super-Intelligent Rabbit Fights Mad Scientist in CGI Space

As traditional animation companies like Disney increasingly trade in their cels and their paint brushes to mold virtual clay into the latest CGI blockbuster, it’s easy to forget you don’t need to be Pixar to produce a computer-animated short. Oh, sure, it helps, but even Pixar was once just one guy making a lamp bounce across the screen. Ideally, CGI should lower the financial bar to animation, not raise it. But that’s not what we’re seeing.

So I’m always sort of relieved to see amateurs come along with a clever CGI film of their own devising. This adorable sci-fi cartoon called “Bunny Situation” is one of those cartoons that just comes along out of nowhere. A sort of sci-fi themed update of a face-off between Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd, the cartoon features a super-intelligent rabbit fighting the mech-suit wearing mad scientist who created him. Other than that, there’s no real information available, except it was done by one guy by himself. Doubtless Pixar will snatch him up in no time

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