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Super Bowl WALL-E Ad Now Online

Pixar has been coy with the teaser trailers for their upcoming CGI sci-fi film, WALL-E — the story of a tiny robot who must clean up the planet after humans have abandoned it for a better place among the stars. Here’s the latest trailer, which premiered during Super Bowl Sunday.

Despite the non-informative (if entertaining) nature of the Super Bowl ad, the latest previews show WALL-E being nearly hit by a spaceship colliding into the Earth — and WALL-E seems to hitch a ride on it to the stars. This may be the probe that the robot EVE, WALL-E’s love interest, arrives on, sent by humans from across the galaxy to check on Earth’s clean-up occupation.

This one’s looking like a winner, although that’s no surprise from a Pixar production. The rumor has it that it’s a remake of Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights… an ingenious twist, as WALL-E will not have any speaking main characters.

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