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Star Wars Rocks: The Milennium Falcon Meets Hair Metal

Star Wars Rocks: The Milennium Falcon Meets Hair Metal” width=”560″/>

For a brief moment at the end of the 1970s, sci-fi geekdom and hair rock converged at an event horizon, immortalized by this fantasic image from the Star Wars Poster Book of the entire cast of the original trilogy taking center stage amongst the jets of fire, the laser, and the billowing smoke.

Chewbacca as the drummer makes sense, natch: Rock-and-roll has had a healthy obsession with employing the hirsute for their rhythm section. Luke plays the pretty boy on guitar, but is overshadowed by the dark charisma and Keith-Richards-like attitude of Han. Meanwhile, the dark overlord of Vader is lowered triumphantly from the ceiling on wires as the bassist, and the geeks of the band — Threepio and Artoo — are exiled to the keyboard dork pit.

The real question, though, is Leia as the lead singer. Surely, after the Holiday Special, we all agreed never to let her caterwauling burst a human ear drum as if it were a Death Star.

Star Wars Rocks! [Flickr]

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