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Star Wars Geeks Battle the Weinsteins’ Empire

Star Wars Geeks Battle the Weinsteins’ Empire” width=”560″/>

Further on the Fanboy front: SciFi Scanner has previously reported on the Weinstein Company messing with Fanboys. Harvey’s henchmen seem determine to ruin it– despite the fact that the movie was finished and received standing ovations at film festivals. Now the fans are striking back.

STOP DARTH WEINSTEIN is a website that protests the studio’s editorial carnage. The hilarious and angry site is run by movie geeks who know what they like and don’t like. They don’t like that the “new” version of Fanboys removes the heart of the story. They don’t like that the guy who wrote The Mighty Ducks sequels is recutting the film. They don’t like that the new version is modeled after comedies like Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo.

The main shift seems to be the tone: Ernie Cline’s original script was a celebration of Star Wars
fans and their journey. But the new version mocks fans, dismantling the
original, dynamic comedy with heart and debasing it as an average
T&A comedy.

If you want to join the rebellion, go to their site and click on a button to email the Weinstein Company.

And you can connect to their myspace page here.

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