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Star Wars According to a Toddler

We do not turn to our nation’s neonates for intelligent film criticism. There’s no reason for this, outside of sheer prejudice: for whatever reason, Americans are culturally biased and dismiss, out-of-hand, the analysis of creatures that have not yet mastered the balancing act between motor function and equilibrium or the lesser mastery of keeping mucous up the nostril where it belongs. And yet we all agree that Stephen Hawking is a genius, who can do neither of those things. Curious. Perhaps if our children had the voices of robots, we’d be more likely to listen.

But this little girl doesn’t need a robot voice to get me to listen to her astute critical analysis of the first Star Wars film. She doesn’t need gadgets: what she has is moxie, charm, pizazz. “The Shiny Guy Always Worries…” indeed! This little girl is the Pauline Kael of the preschool, make no mistake, and she has all the neotonous charm of a pint-sized Louise Brooks. I can’t wait to see the follow-up video: an impassioned, monosyllabic verbal history of The Empire Strikes Back. But I hope her series of video reviews ends there, before she starts trying to review The Phantom Menace or Attack of the Clones: a girl this young should not be swearing.

Star Wars According To A 3 Year Old [YouTube] (via POETV)

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