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Star Trek Chases the White Rabbit

YouTube has a proud and glorious tradition of hosting videos that explore the under-the-surface themes of the original Star Trek series through the world of popular music.

The trend-setter, of course, was this sublime video exploring the homoerotic tension between Spock and Kirk through the lyrics to Trent Reznor’s “Closer.” But the latest Trekkie video to take YouTube by storm is this commentary on the hallucinogenic trippiness of vintage 60’s Star Trek, accompanied by Jefferson Airplane’s LSD-inspired ode to Wonderland, “White Rabbit.”

Just brilliant. It’s no shock, of course, that Star Trek was a pretty trippy show, but with each lyric of “White Rabbit” illustrated with a clip from the show, it becomes clearer and clearer that Roddenberry and Co. were no strangers to letting a blot dissolve on their tongue during the writing process.

(via SF Signal)

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