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Star Trek Caskets: Where Every Man Has Gone Before


They say there is no geekdom in death: Only the worms and rats, the coffin and the grave. But that’s not so. Every day, geeks are writing into their wills the provisions they want reduced to atoms in a crematory, then compressed into diamonds and jewelry. Others opt to be rocketed into space, where they will sail through countless galaxies until, perhaps, a distant alien race finds the container, re-constitutes the DNA and then probes them to death.

But there’s geekier by far. Ask Eternal Image, a funerary vendor that has licensed the Star Trek brand name to provide a line of coffins, caskets and urns for the true Trekkie. From Spock’s famous casket in Wrath of Khan, shaped like a photon torpedo, to a cremation urn supposedly resembling something from Starfleet — although I can’t tell what.

My only question is exactly how wide do these caskets get? Trekkies
aren’t known as being the lithest of fans, and unless one of those
photon torpedo caskets can handle six or seven bills of mortifying
flesh, I don’t think they’re going to get much trade.

Where Every Man Has Gone Before [Boing Boing Gadgets]

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