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Spider Baby: The Musical?


Over at the Sci Fi Department, there’s a great round-up of the best spider movies including Jack Hill’s cult classic Spider Baby (1968).  The movie, originally titled Cannibal Orgy has built up a real following over the years.  So much so that a bold producer is trying to turn the sick-and-twisted story into a major musical. Check out the MySpace page and hear some of the original songs.  (“The Kiss” is perfectly haunting.)  Supposedly, director Jack Hill has been approached several times about bringing his drive-in classic to the legitimate stage, but he’s always passed.  The current producer won Hill over when he said he was unlike the previous producers because he’s not trying to make money in the endeavor.  Bravo!  A modest production was staged in Bakersfield, California late last year, let’s hope Spider Baby The Musical is coming soon to a dinner theater near you…

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