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Space Squid Site Skewers Sci-Fi


Margaret Atwood notoriously opted out of the Sci-Fi genre, declaring it the realm of, “Rockets, chemicals and talking squids in outer space.” Rather than take the jab personally, the crew over at Space Squid revels in the ridiculousness of a much-beloved genre, bringing you podcasts, comics, and a quarterly-printed zine that plays on the more brainless aspects of Sci-Fi culture.

Previews on their site only hint at what you get in the printed version, but if their test to see whether you can pick Barack, Bra’Tac, and Barada out of a lineup doesn’t get you, the High Elven Word Jumble in their latest issue is sure to hit painfully close to home. Getting a peek at the rest of it will cost you one dollar — but then again, I’m willing to throw down a buck to get a closer look at any publication that sells itself as “The site Margaret Atwood warned you about.”

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