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Site of the Week:

What’s not to love about a website that advertises itself as devoted “to the detriment of good film”? Nothing if you ask Andrew Borntreger, a U.S. Marine who created ten years ago to revel in the movie genre he loves most: Camp horror. “It started when I was a kid,” he says. “I’d be sitting on the living room floor on the weekends watching Godzilla movies or monster movies. When I started the site, my whole goal was just to get other people out there to talk to me about b-movies, so that some other people who are interested will say, ‘Yeah, I’ll give this movie a try, it sounds like a blast!’ or ‘This movie sounds atrocious; I have to go see it.'”

Since the site’s initial conception, Borntreger has created a destination that is singularly unique in its devotion to b-horror ranging from 50s, 60s, and 70s drive-in theater fare to the direct-to-video and movies-of the-week of the 80s, 90s and today. “I’ve even reviewed the original Nosferatu,” he says. “Not that it’s a bad movie, but it kinda fits. One of these days I have to do Battlefield Earth.”

Movies are reviewed on a slime scale–“I always identify bad movies with slime, some sort of monster dripping slime or radioactive contamination. It made sense to do slime drops.” Further guidelines show viewers what to look for in a flick, such as “random acts of violence against glassware,” and a section of the review is devoted to lessons learned: “Dinosaur is Latin for ‘Stuff Glued on Lizard,'” and “If it looks like a carnivorous man-eating plant, it’s probably a carnivorous man-eating plant.” The very worst of the movies get branded with a skull, meaning that not even Borntreger can watch them without feeling the urge to crawl under the coffee table.

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