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Shoutout From The Signal


On an ordinary weekend in New York, a signal suddenly echoed across the vast space of the internet, informing me that there would be a signing and a free screening for The Signal within the next 48 hours. While it was too late for me to get the word out on MonsterFest about the signing (though the free screening is still fair game!), I hustled down to the comic book haven Forbidden Planet to attend it myself, in hopes of bringing back something of value for our faithful readers. Here’s what I learned:

  • In certain environments, it’s very difficult to tell horror fans, independent filmmakers, and comic book geeks apart. Though it soon became clear that directors David Bruckner, Jacob Gentry and Dan Bush, as well as star AJ Bowen, were in our midst.
  • The Signal was filmed in only 13 days! I don’t know what I did in the last 13 days, but I sure don’t have a feature film to show for it.
  • One of the directors (who can keep them straight when they’re traveling in a pack?) thanked us for showing Die Hard so many times. What can I say– AMC has an eye on people’s true priorities.
  • I should have an opportunity to chat with one of these fellows in the next few days about all things Signal. If you have any questions you’d like to pass along, post them here and I’ll do my best to deliver the goods.

These guys were in incredibly high spirits considering that opening-week publicity events are probably the unkindest reward for a movie well-made. I left the signing edified and encouraged, and with a shoutout from the whole gang to bring back to MonsterFest. I’ll be sure to report back from tonight’s free screening at the Sunshine Cinema, where braving unruly mobs will certainly be the theme of the evening.

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