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Scream 3: The Final Chapter?

Scream32000.jpgLast fall, rumors–citing the official blog of The Weinstein Company–were flying about Scream 4. Supposedly it had gotten a green light: “The fans have been asking for a fourth Scream movie for years and we’re finally giving it to them.” Though it has been eight years since Neve Campbell’s hunted heroine Sidney Prescott found herself embroiled in Scream 3, its ending left open the possibility for further misadventures. 

As exciting as this news would be for those of us who’d like to watch Scream‘s complicated storyline twist itself into new knots (with actors playing actors playing victims, perhaps?), it seems the rumors are not credible after all. The Weinsteins’ site doesn’t even HAVE a blog. And when confronted by Bloody-Disgusting for a definitive answer, the Weinsteins said the rumor was bogus. But one has to wonder if they’ve since taken inventory of all the headlines and fan celebration that accompanied this bit of misinformation. Until we know for sure, we’ll have to settle for Scream 3 as the nervy ending of a beloved horror trilogy.

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