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Sci-Fi Movies As Russian Woodcuts


Over at the Cyrillic site, they are hosting a collection of incredible faux wood cuts of science-fiction movies as hacked, etched and painted into slabs of wood by the Russian peasantry. These fantastic interpretations of Star Wars, The Matrix, Terminator and Harry Potter hinge on the conceit that they were wrought not through familiarity with the actual films, but through a vibrant oral tradition.

I love them. The Terminator, wielding dual muskets, pedals a wooden velocipede through an old-timey Georgian village. Luke Skywalker, wielding a flame sword, faces off against a Grendel-like demon as he steps over his lopped off hand. But it’s the Matrix recreation that really hits all of my buttons: something about Neo’s big-schnozzed expression, the explosion of air, the twin cats and Morpheus hooked directly into an Alexander-Bell-style telephone really speaks to me. Why hasn’t anyone done a Victorian-era Matrix spin-off anyway?

Sci-Fi Russian Woodcuts []

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