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Sam Rockwell Exiled To The Moon

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Sam Rockwell is a hit or miss actor in sci-fi spoofdom. There is, of course, his excellent performance in the Star Trek spoof Galaxy Quest to recommend him. On the other hand? There’s his “I Spit on Douglas Adams’ Grave” performance as Zaphod Beeblebrox in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy to recommend disemboweling him.

So I guess it’s a tie. But maybe Rockwell’s latest project, Moon, will be the tie-breaker. Quizzed on why he had a beard by MTV, Rockwell explained that his next role was a Robinson Crusoe-style castaway stuck on the dusty surface of the moon for three years.

Moon will be directed by Duncan Jones… a former ad exec who is also known as Zowie Bowie, the son of David Bowie. It sounds like a perfect storm of bizarre retro-spaceman sensibilities.

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