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Robot Commando Is Here To Help You!

The 60s was a great decade for toys. Robots had spring-loaded missiles that fired with a velocity capable of gouging an eye from the socket. Spaceships were (well, still are…) painted with lead paint. Removable parts were small enough for a child to swallow, yet big enough to lodge in the trachea.

The decline in child mortality rates is probably all the evidence you need that the era is better off behind us, but commercials like this one for the Robot Commando make me wistful anyway. With his bizarrely hypnotic googly eyes and treads capable of decimating an oncoming onslaught of U.S. Army toy tanks, this is definitely the sort of robot I would want to conquer the world for me — if I were a ten-year-old.

1960s Toy Commercials [Laughing Squid] (via SF Signal)

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