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New Wall-E Trailer, Now With 100% More Plot!

Another day, another Wall-E trailer. The previews for the latest Pixar hit are inexorably spurted out by Disney’s marketing department: a group of cynicists so diabolically capable that before Pixar’s Incredibles was released, they had already managed to spend 300 million on promotional materials.

But this trailer’s a bit different, in that it’s the first trailer to actually deal extensively with the plot: a remake of Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights that involves the last robot of a polluted Earth finding love in the form of the plucky, propellor-like probe of exodus earthlings now located across the galaxy, curious about the clean-up efforts on their homeworld.

I have to admit, the more I see of this, the more ineffably charming Wall-E seems. Now if only I could comfortably predict seeing it in a theater without three year olds shrieking to the left and right of me, and a petulant 7 year old in the seat behind me kicking my chair with the incessant rhythm of a metronome.

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