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New Iron Man Trailer Reveals Mandarin

Every time a new Iron Man trailer comes out, I feel this strange human emotion. It’s not disgust, nor anger, nor hate — the only emotions my atrophied limbic system can process. It’s fuzzier and warmer somehow… Is this the emotion you humans call love? Because if so, I think I’m in it.

I don’t say it lightly. Iron Man is one of Marvel’s lamer heroes, but it looks like Morton Downey Jr, Gwynneth Paltrow and Jon Favreau have pulled together the perfect superhero movie.

This trailer is a lot meatier than the previous ones, essentially offering an entire timeline of the movie: From Tony Stak’s initial capturing in what appears to be Afghanistan, to the creation of the Mark 1 armor, the return home, the perfection of the Mark 2 armor, and finally Stark’s off-the-cuff request to “throw a little bit of hot rod red” into the design for Mark 3. And, oh yeah, that’s the Mandarin!

If you want to check out the trailer in high-def — and it’s pretty enough to be worth it — the link’s below. Swoon!

Iron Man High-Def [IGN]

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