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My Bloody Valentine Goes 3-D


Are we entering a bold, new era with horror? As part of the 3-D revolution, at least two of next year’s offerings will have you donning plastic glasses. According to Shock Til You Drop, Dimension Films will release Alexandre Aja’s Piranha in 3-D next summer. Next January, My Bloody Valentine
will get the same treatment from Lionsgate. Surely, there’ll be more to come.

Last year, I saw Beowulf in 3-D IMAX, a stirring visual event. Sure, the retelling of the classic tale wasn’t all that, but the giant, ugly Grendel was worth the price of admission. I’m not saying that every horror film is worthy of the IMAX screen, but the idea of 72-foot high knife coming right at you is a tantalizing idea — even if it’s a remake of a middling B-flick like My Bloody Valentine.

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